Review of MIP Bypass1 Piston Systems

Publication: Big Squid, Online Blog

Date: August 1, 2012 - Blog, For Bashers, by Bashers

Review & Pics By: Cubby

(Excerpts from full review of MIP Pro4mance Package including MIP Bypass1 ReaShocks system on Losi SCTe.)

Test Drivers: All the usual suspects- Cubby, Iron Mike, Brian, Tim

Test Venues: DirtBurners in St Louis Missouri, RC Outlaws in Collinsville Illinois, Costco parking lot, backyard.

Set-up Notes: We started the build with a brand new Losi Ten SCTE ARR. No mega-uber truck is complete without the help of Pro-Line, hence the reason we used Pro-Line M2 Blockade tires and a Pro-Line FloTek Chevy body. The stock shock bodies were not even close to being trick enough, so they were ditched and ST Racing Concepts shock bodies and caps were used. We were shooting for a “light” set-up, so we used a Castle 1410 3800 kv motor with a Castle Mamba Max SCT Pro speedo. This uber build required the use of a high end servo, so we bolted in a Hitec 7985MG. A Futaba 4PL was used to handle all the radio work. Lastly, we used Pro-Match Racing Lipo batteries during testing.

Jumping: Once again, the stock SCTE is a fine jumping machine, but the MIP upgrades make it even easier and more controlled to jump. Super bombed out jump faces are easily tackled with the MIP set-up, and landings are also more plush. For you guys that like to land slightly sideways to rotate for an upcoming corner you’ll need to take care when driving with the MIP package. The MIP generates so much more side-bite that it will traction roll in spots that you aren’t used to. That can easily be tuned out if needed.

Bashing: We spent more time at the track than in the backyard with the MIP SCTE. From what time we did spend on pavement and in grass, the truck was on rails. Road joints were barely noticeable and turning on pavement was outstanding. Hucking the truck from a vert ramp into a grassy backyard proved the truck was a pleasure in the air, but was a bit lightly damped and sprung for 10 foot high landings.

Bumps/Whoops: HOF. What, you don’t know what HOF is? It stands for Hall Of Fame. Yes, the MIP Bypass1 Realshock pistons and re-worked shock geometry are THAT good. It’s the best I’ve ever driven on bumps, whoops and chop. Little stutter bumps coming out of corners? You barely know they exist anymore. Chunked out section of track where everyone has been over jumping a single? Once again, you hardly notice it’s there. Big clods of dirt that gets worked out onto the track? Well, you will notice them, but they won’t toss you half way off the track like the stock suspension does. The MIP equipped suspension on the SCTE is HOF, the rest of the rc companies have some catching up to do.

Misc Notes:...If you hold the shocks close to your ears you can hear the MIP Bypass1 pistons “pop” on the rebound stroke due to their design. That is neither good nor bad, just unique...

Big Squid Rating of Overall Pro4Pak/SCTe– 8.8/10 - Tentacles. Yes, the MIP Pro4mance pack makes the Losi SCTE “factory works bike” good. If you want the best handling truck at the track, this is it.

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