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 Welcome to Moore’s Ideal Products, LLC Customer Service Department.


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MIP offers a 90 day warranty to the original purchaser with proof of purchase, for all products against defects in manufacturing, materials, and packagingOur warranty does not cover normal wear and tearfailure to perform routine maintenance, and error of assembly or installation. If the product is transferred to another party the warranty is void.



Contact our Customer Service department: 

Email: support@miponline.com


Please provide the following information:


 - Valid kit number



 - Description of the issue



 - Picture of the defective product


 - Phone number & Shipping address



 - Proof of Purchase




Frequently Asked Questions:


Do you sell parts separately from the kits?

Yes, parts can be purchased separately.

Support parts are located towards the bottom of each kit's product detail page.

How to prevent lost and stripped screws?

Use the blue thread gel on screws when installing. When uninstalling, apply heat to the screw to break bond of thread gel and use quality tools. Using quality tools not only helps provide more torque for tightening and loosening, but it also helps prevent stripping screws. Suggested tools are MIP #9501 and MIP# 9502, links available below or please visit MIP Tools section.




MIP Hex Driver Wrench Set, SAE Standard (4) #9501






MIP Hex Driver Wrench Set, Metric (3) #9502








For Tech Support:

Please call

(626) 339-9007 x25

or send E-mail to:



A MIP tech will respond within 48 hours

Mon. - Fri.: 8am-2pm PST. 


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