M O O R E ' S   I D E A L   P R O D U C T S  L L C             Since 1978              Race Proven World and National Champions!

"DRIVEN UPDATE! Bumps/Whoops: HOF. What, you don’t know what HOF is? It stands for Hall Of Fame. Yes, the MIP Bypass1 Realshock pistons and re-worked shock geometry are THAT good. It’s the best I’ve ever driven on bumps, whoops and chop. Little stutter bumps coming out of corners? You barely know they exist anymore. Chunked out section of track where everyone has been over jumping a single? Once again, you hardly notice it’s there. Big clods of dirt that gets worked out onto the track? Well, you will notice them, but they won’t toss you half way off the track like the stock suspension does. The MIP equipped suspension on the SCTE is HOF, the rest of the rc companies have some catching up to do!"



Hi-Tech innovation -  “Real Shocks” Bypass1™ Piston Technology! Unlike any piston seen before in the RC Industry. This Piston is design inspired by Real Off-Road Vehicles. The description of what these pistons are designed to accomplish will change your definition of how you thought a shock really should work. A noticeable problem was MIP’s motivation for giving birth to “Real Shocks” Bypass1™ patent-pending technology, and what better shock design is there besides real off-road trophy truck shocks? MIP’s top engineers studied and decoded the Off-Road Vehicle shocks, and came up with their very own version of shock bypass technology!



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