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MIP Super Diff Kit, TLR 22/22T/22SCT #12165 *Discontinued*

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 UPC# 691545121659

 New MIP Super Diff™ - MIP Engineered Ball Diffs Kits to Replace Stock Ball Diffs:


Every racer knows how an adustable ball diff improves handling. Our new MIP Super Diff™ Kits are Precision Made of Superior Materials and Engineered to go a step beyond.  MIP engineered components not only allow you to adjust your diff just tight enough to prevent slip, MIP's superior materials help keep your settings longer, as well as improve cornering, handling and stability.


•  MIP Outputs are Engineered of Hardened American Alloy Steel for Greater Durability

•  MIP Thrust Washers are Hardened and Polished for Smoothness and Wear Resistance!

•  (Does not include Diff Gear & Stock Sealed Bearings!)

•  MIP Team Tested & Approved

•  100% Quality Made in the USA!


INCLUDES: MIP Outdrives, MIP Diff Rings, MIP Thrust Rings, and Screw kit.
Stock Sealed Bearings or Diff Gear not included.  You will need tools to disassemble stock diff.  NEVER Allow the diff to slip. Always adjust your slipper looser than your diff setting! - Refer to your owners manual for proper diff adjustment!
COMPATIBILITY:  Fits Losi TLR 22 Short Course Trucks, Trucks and Buggies!



SUPPORT PART LIST:page1image3448

#12166       MIP Super Diff Male Outdrive, TLR 22/22T/22SCT (1)      $10.00     691545121666

#12167       MIP Super Diff Female Outdrive, TLR 22/22T/22SCT (1)      $10.00     691545121673

#12168       MIP Super Diff Screw Kit,  TLR 22/22T/22SCT (1)      $7.00     691545121680

#12169       MIP Super Diff Rings, TLR 22/22T/22SCT      $5.00     691545121697

#12170       MIP Super Thrust Rings, TLR 22/22T/22SCT      $4.00      691545121703

#1006          MIP Silicone Diff Grease                    $3.95     691545010069



Customer feedback for MIP Super Diff Kits:


-Smooth as glass. Makes the truck pivot on a dime.

- Compared to the stock diff it weighs probably half as much, is smooooth, and I noticed an immediate performance improvement. I can go in a straight line now when i punch it, even on loose dirt with the stock crummy tires.

-This works with any motor only if you know how to set it. i use it with the velenion and have no problems with it. when you get it set properly its amazing on how smooth it is. i recommend getting this.




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Support Parts:

MIP Super Diff Outdrive Female, TLR 22/22T/22SCT (1) #12167, *Discontinued*
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