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MIP Machined T-Nut, .250 Bore #15010

MIP Machined T-Nut, .250 Bore #15010
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$10.00 15010

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#15010 MIP Machined T-Nut, .250 Bore
MSRP: $10.00        
UPC: 691545150109
Plastic vs. Aluminum, Weak vs. Strong, Non-Rebuildable vs. Rebuildable; the battle outcome between the Standard Plastic T-Nut and MIP’s all New Aluminum Machined T-Nut becomes quite clear, MIP Machined Aluminum T-Nut for the win! MIP’s all new 7075-T6 machined aluminum T-Nut is completely rebuildable by simply replacing the small nylon inserts. These high quality nylon inserts increase the screws break away force by 20%, meaning that the diff screw will stay in its desired position much longer and increase the consistency of your differential over time. The aluminum design also increases sheer strength of the “T” by a whopping 40%! If you’re looking for consistency, strength, and longevity out of your differentials it’s time to give MIP’s Aluminum T-Nut a shot!
AE (5th & 4th Generation) and MIP (AE & TLR) Ball differential owners
Sheer Strength Increased by 40% (compared to OEM)
Break Away Strength Increased by 20% (compared to OEM)
Completely Rebuildable (saves you money)
7075-T6 Hard Anodized Aluminum
100% Made in the USA!
MIP T-Nut Inst sheet (1), MIP T-Nut Housing .250 Bore (1), MIP T-Nut Insert .250 Bore (1), MIP Confetti Sticker (1)
 AE 5th and 4th Generation Ball Differentials, MIP AE and TLR Ball Diff Kits 
#99099 HW-Diff T-Nut Inserts (2) MSRP: $6.00 MAP:  $4.50 UPC: 691545990996
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MIP Machined T-Nut, .250 Bore #15010
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MIP Machined T-Nut, .250 Bore #15010
Lock Nut
I had the ears on my differential lock but fold in while assembling my associated B44.2. I found these amazing aluminum lock nuts vs the plastic ones. Very nice quality! The lock nuts need to be assembled backward
MIP Machined T-Nut, .250 Bore #15010
great product
This is pretty cool products. The t-nut don't back off and it's rebuildable

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HW-Diff T-Nut Inserts (2) #99099
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