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#23120 - MIP 4mm HD Axle, Capra 1/18th (4)
#23120 - MIP 4mm HD Axle, Capra 1/18th (4)

#23120 - MIP 4mm HD Axle, Capra 1/18th (4)

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MIP Price: $29.99
SKU: 23120
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#23120 - MIP 4mm HD Axle, Capra 1/18th (4)

Upgrade your RC crawler with our new MIP HD Axles for the Capra 1/18th.

MIP 4mm HD Axles are made from high-strength steel that is much more durable than stock axles. They are also heat-treated for added strength and performance and for protection from rust and corrosion. The M4 rolled thread provides a secure and reliable connection to your RC car's wheels with no modification needed!

MIP HD Axles offer a number of benefits over stock axles, including:

  1. Increased durability: MIP HD Axles are much more resistant to breaking than stock axles.
  2. Improved performance: The high-strength steel construction of our Axles provides better handling and performance.
  3. Longer lifespan: MIP HD Axles are built to last, so you can expect them to withstand even the most demanding conditions.
If you are looking for a set of axles that will provide your RC car with increased durability, performance, and lifespan, then MIP HD Axles are the perfect choice for you. Order your set today!

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