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#9810 - MIP 4.5mm Nut Driver Wrench, Gen 2
#9810 - MIP 4.5mm Nut Driver Wrench, Gen 2

#9810 - MIP 4.5mm Nut Driver Wrench, Gen 2

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MIP Price: $21.99
SKU: 9810
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UPC: 691545098104

#9810 - MIP 4.5mm Nut Driver Wrench, Gen 2

Conquer competition day with ultimate precision. Introducing the MIP 4.5mm Nut Driver Wrench (Gen 2), the ultimate weapon for serious RC racers. Forget stripped threads and wasted time on the pit table. This powerhouse tool delivers the control you crave to dominate the track.

Built to Champion Your Ride

The Gen 2 builds on the legendary MIP legacy. Crafted from high-grade steel, it boasts unmatched durability to withstand the most intense races. The iconic amber handle, a staple in RC pits worldwide, features laser-etched sizing for split-second tool identification during pit stops.

The Perfect Bite for Peak Performance

The precision-machined 4.5mm head forms a secure, snug fit on those crucial RC car nuts. Say goodbye to stripped threads and hello to lightning-fast repairs that get you back in the race faster. The deep socket design conquers even the most recessed fasteners, ensuring smooth maintenance on any part of your machine.

Unleash Precision, Unleash Victory

The Gen 2's angled head allows for exceptional leverage and torque application, giving you total control over every adjustment. Fine-tune your suspension, tweak your gearing, or conquer any on-track tweak with pinpoint accuracy. No more overtightening and compromising the performance of your finely tuned machine.

A Champion's Choice

From veteran racers to aspiring podium finishers, the MIP 4.5mm Nut Driver Wrench (Gen 2) is the ultimate pit lane companion. The compact size slips effortlessly into any toolbox, while the black oxide coating ensures long-lasting performance through countless races and repairs.

Dominate the competition and take control of every pit stop with the MIP 4.5mm Nut Driver Wrench (Gen 2). Order yours today and experience the difference precision makes.

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