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MIP was founded by Eustace Moore, Jr in 1978. Over the last 40 years, MIP has grown into a world leader in RC Aftermarket Products. We have always applied best practices and fairness when offering our products. Our goal at MIP is to promote and support selling environments that will encourage all resellers to offer MIP Products at a profit. 


Resellers found to be in violation of our MAP (Manufacturers Advertised Price) policies will be restricted from purchasing MIP product(s) for one year and listed on our MIP MAP violator list. MAP applies to prices advertised to the end consumers. We request that ALL resellers of MIP products adhere to and follow our MAP pricing codes.


1.     MAP prices are our posted “MAP Price:” shown on MIPonline.com

2.     MAP applies to all levels of reseller

3.     MIP requires all resellers to list the following with all web posted MIP products:  Manufacturer does not allow using discount coupons

4.     MIP requires all resellers to list with any advertisements for MIP products:  Manufacturer does not allow using discount coupons

5.    MAP does not apply to MIP DISCONTINUED or CLOSE OUT products posted on MIPonline.com.

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To report a reseller in violation of our MAP policy, please email support@miponline.com

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