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MIP Wrench Wraps Lubes, Greases, & Adhesives

MIP MXT Servo Tape:

MIP revolutionizes servo tape in the RC industry. MIP MXT TAPE BONDS LIKE GLUE. When you’re ready to remove it, MIP MXT TAPE PEELS OFF IN ONE PIECE WITH ONE PULL, and leaves no residue behind. MIP’s servo tape makes RC life easier.

MIP Wrench Wraps:

So who here has ever had difficulty telling their MIP wrenches apart at a quick glance!? We have a solution for that, in the way of MIPs all new color coated wraps for each size of every MIP wrench! It's simple, easy, and effective, just clean the applicable area (contact cleaner), apply the wrap around the shank of the tool then slide the clear Jimmy over the wrap, and WALLAH, instant color coat recognition! The beauty of this product is that every MIP shank since the beginning of time has been the same size so the product will be applicable to them all.

MIP Carbide Diff Lube:

The high quality lubricants from our top selling kits are also available separately. 

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