Unleash Your Winning Edge: MIP Bypass1™ Pistons - Proven Performance, Unmatched Customization!

Hey Racers,   

You know MIP. You know the tools. But did you know that for over a decade, MIP has been pushing the boundaries of performance, not just with RC Tools, but with pioneering innovations like Bypass1™ Pistons for 1/8th RC cars?   

Bypass1™ isn't just a piston, it's a revolution. It's the culmination of years of R&D, relentless testing, and close collaboration with top racers like Adam Drake and Ryan Maifield. It's the secret sauce that's propelled countless drivers to the podium, and now, it's your turn to taste victory.   

Here's why Bypass1™ reigns supreme:

  • Unmatched Customization: Mix and match our color-coded valves to fine-tune your shock rebound like never before. Dial in the perfect setup for any track, any condition, any driving style. 
  • Dyno-Tuned Performance: Forget the learning curve. Bypass1™ pistons match the compression characteristics of your stock pistons, for seamless integration and immediate results. 
  • World-Champion Pedigree: Trusted by the best, proven at the highest levels. Bypass1™ isn't just hype, it's the real deal. 
 Level Up Your Game with Standard or Hi-Flow™ Pistons:   
  • Standard Bypass1™ Pistons: The perfect choice for balanced handling and predictable performance. Ideal for most track conditions and driving styles. 
  • Hi-Flow™ Pistons: Maximize oil flow for increased responsiveness and improved handling on rough tracks or high-grip surfaces. For experienced racers seeking the ultimate edge. 
Infinite Rebound Tuning with Stackable Valves:   

But with Bypass1™, the customization doesn't stop there! Our innovative color-coded valves can be stacked together, unlocking infinitely-variable rebound tuning. This means you can adjust your shocks on the fly to adapt to changing track conditions, deteriorating grip, or even different sections of the course. No matter what the track throws at you, Bypass1™ lets you stay ahead of the competition.   

Remember, at MIP, we're not just about tools, we're about empowering you to dominate the track. Let Bypass1™ be your weapon, and rewrite your racing story.   

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