Today we welcome MIP into the 21st century with the release of our new and improved website for! For the past 40 years, MIP has been manufacturing badass RC parts and has been the leader of innovation in the RC industry. Yet where our innovation and "MIP touch" has lacked has been with our website.

Well with this new site, that is all in the past now! This new site was specially designed to reinvent ourselves and bring MIP into the 21st century and significantly improve the overall customer experience! 

Please note, if you had an account with us before on the old site, you will have to re-register with us. You can conveniently sign up for an account on the new site by clicking on this link.

So lets take a quick tour and we will show you some of the new and improved features that will make your shopping experience much more enjoyable!

Whats New?
  • Newly redesigned website that brings a more crisp and modern look to and consolidates a lot of the content that was taking up space on the site.
  • New MIP Products! - MIP has consolidated some of our products to make your shopping experience easier! Not to worry though, we have a handy conversion chart that will tell you what MIP parts were consolidated into a new part number. See our Conversion Chart by clicking here.
  • Easy one click add to cart feature that allows you to add to cart in stock products with a single click.
  • Newly redesigned product listings that organize product information into convenient product tabs. No more having to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to get product information. Simply click into individual tabs and get the information you need.
  • Real-Time stock status updates! - Have you ever ordered a product from us only to find it was out of stock?! Well now thats a thing in the past! MIPonline now keeps track of product inventory levels in real-time! No more having to worry if we have it in stock, if it says its in stock, its in stock! 
  • New Pricing! Enjoy the benefit of purchasing items off our website at MAP instead of MSRP. Buying at MAP means more savings for you!
  • Newly redesigned Account Page! - Create an account with MIPonline and now you can keep track of all our your orders on a single page! The new website also allows you to reorder past orders with a click of a button and also save your cart for future purchases! 
  • New Address Book! - Also new on the account page, you can now save multiple addresses in your account and select the address you want to ship to on the checkout page. No more having to type it out. Simply select your address from the dropdown menu and the site will automatically populate it for you!
  • New Return Management System! - Bought something from MIP and need to return it? Not a problem! The new account page allows you to submit return requests with ease! No more having to call in or email us! Simply select the order you want to return to us from your account page and submit your request!
  • Newly organized product categories! - Find the MIP product that fits your car with ease! Find your cars brand, click on your car and you will see all the parts available! 
  • MIPonline is now mobile friendly! - If you have ever tired to order from our site using your smartphone, then you know what a pain it was. MIP has a mobile friendly version of our site. Allowing you to order from your phone with ease!
This website was built with you the customer in mind so we hope that your experience on the website is a much more easier and enjoyable experience!