Why Every Associated Car and TLR Buggy Needs a MIP Super Ball Diff

In the cutthroat world of RC racing, every advantage counts.

When it comes to putting power to the ground and achieving peak performance, differentials play a critical role. That's where MIP's innovative Super Ball Diff comes in.

Designed specifically for Associated and TLR buggies, the MIP Super Ball Diff isn't your average gear diff. It utilizes a unique ball bearing design that offers several advantages over traditional gear diffs.

Smoother Power Delivery:

The MIP Super Ball Diff eliminates the jerky feel you can get with gears. Instead, balls constantly engage, providing a silky smooth transfer of power. This translates to better control and sharper handling on the track, allowing you to carve through corners with confidence. 

Increased Durability:

Built to endure the high-impact environments of RC racing, the Super Ball Diff boasts a robust design and high-quality materials. This reduces the chance of breakdowns and keeps you in the competition, race after race. 

Reduced Maintenance: 

The Super Ball Diff's ingenious design minimizes internal friction. This leads to cooler operating temperatures and less wear and tear. You'll spend less time tinkering and more time perfecting your racing strategy. 

Unlocking Your Buggy's Potential: 

The MIP Super Ball Diff can elevate your performance regardless of your experience level: pen_spark
  • Improved Cornering: The smooth power delivery allows for superior control during tight corners. You'll maintain your line with ease, shaving off precious seconds from your lap times.
  • Enhanced Traction: With consistent power transfer to both wheels, the Super Ball Diff provides superior traction, especially when exiting corners and accelerating down straights. Put the power down with confidence and leave the competition in the dust.
  • Durability for Serious Competition: Built to last, the Super Ball Diff can handle the high demands of competitive racing. It gives you the confidence to push your buggy to the limit, knowing it can handle the punishment.

Stay Ahead of the Curve:

The MIP Super Ball Diff is just the tip of the iceberg. Are you interested in staying ahead of the curve with the latest performance parts for your Associated or TLR Buggy? Sign below to receive exclusive updates on new product releases, insider tips, and special offers!

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